STAHL Service Bodies

STAHL Service Bodies for Sale in Medina OH

STAHL/Scott Fetzer Company was established in 1946 and is a manufacturer of truck bodies, forestry bodies, hybrid service-dump bodies, utility van bodies, truck tool boxes, mobile cranes and truck accessories.

STAHL'S Service Bodies


The Challenger ST truck service bodies offer multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment. The storage compartments come standard with material trays and can be configured with optional drawer packages, hooks and additional trays to keep your truck organized which you can quickly locate your tools to improve your efficiency.


The MDCT Medium duty truck service body provides multiple storage compartments and a lot of cargo space for medium duty work trucks. These features include adjustable shelves and material trays which can be configured with optional drawer packages and hooks, along with additional shelves and trays to keep everything organized. 


The STAHL's SCX truck crane bodies gives you the storage space that you need with the reinforced construction to support the crane's capacity. These features include adjustable and material trays that can be configured with optional drawer packages, hooks, shelves and trays to help organize your work area and quickly locate your tools.


The STAHL Challenger Dump bodies are designed to meet the demands of landscapers, general contractors and municipalities alike. These bodies combine the best elements of a small dump bodies with the tool storage space of truck service bodies. These will also increase your bottom line by eliminating the need for two trucks at the job site.