Truck Equipment



Towing a heavy load, but, want to keep compliant suspension when not towing? We can install airbags and on board compressor to help level your suspension when under load. We also install levelling kits and can upgrade your shocks.

fuel tank

Fuel Tanks

Towing your camper a long distance and want to reduce the number of stops for gas? Ask us about installing a transfer or auxiliary fuel tank.

step bar

Step Bars

Need to add some step bars to your ride, or, want to upgrade to drop down steps? Look online or visit the store to see what you like and arrange an install.

floorboard mat


Need better floor mats to contain the mud? Seat covers for dog hair? Want rain guards and bug shield? Give us a call and we can help.

Truck with lights

Lighting & Electrical

Need a work light to help loading and unloading the bed, or light up the trail? an inverter to power a fridge? We can help find what you need and install.

Snow Plow

Snow Plows

Embrace the winter wonderland by equipping yourself with our highly efficient and robust snow plows, designed to keep your pathways, driveways, and streets impeccably clear.

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Salt Spreader

Salt Spreaders

Elevate your winter maintenance game with our high-performance salt spreaders, ensuring rapid and thorough coverage to effortlessly melt ice and snow.

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