1. Snow Dogg Snow Plows for Sale in Medina Ohio


    Snow Plows by SnowDogg® Feature the Highest Quality Components for Unmatched Durability and Performance.

    SnowDogg MD

    The personal and light commercial MD series comes with the standard HT300 power unit, a 3/8" cutting edge, cast iron plow shoes, and poly deflector. The SnowDogg MD has the same 70° attack angle as the heavy duty commercial HD/EX series. It also comes with the same easy to use foot pedal mounting & adjustable jack mechanism. In addition to the super bright plow lights and brushed stainless moldboard, you have a plow that's packed with the features of the EX series but is half the weight.

    SnowDogg HD

    The personal and commercial HD series comes packed with the highest quality components. Its 70 degree attack angle allows for excellent snow scraping, rolling and throwing. With its stainless steel corrosion free moldboard, 1/4" Laser cut steel ribs, covered power unit and hydraulics, quick attach/detach mounting, 4 Stress-optimized trip springs, and contoured lift frame, the SnowDogg HD has unmatched durability and performance.

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